SEAbridge’s aim is to be the leading tech investment and advisory firm in Asia. We pride ourselves on the quality of our team and our all round experience as investment bankers, investors, senior management and entrepreneurs.

Our objective is to create an environment where individuals can flourish through having direct access to clients and being heavily involved in deals early on in their careers.
Apart from investment banking skills, we look for entrepreneurial flair and a love of technology in all of our people. 

We are always interested to meet passionate and smart professionals and see how we can work together. Please send your application by email using the links below, no phone calls please.


Nanyang Business School

Darren Ng

I am tremendously grateful for Marcus and the team for the enriching internship experience at SEAbridge. I have acquired invaluable knowledge on Merger & Acquisitions and fundraising strategies. The experience in SEAbridge was extremely enjoyable, I am very fortunate to have Marcus sharing his insights on the key principles of entrepreneurship and investment banking.

Nanyang Business School

Lyon Kwek

SEAbridge provides the perfect environment for development of your skills and character. In SEAbridge, I enjoyed the fast pace of work and the variety of tasks offered. I learnt to look at businesses with different perspectives and developed a skillset to approach any issues. The positive workplace culture at SEAbridge encourages critical thinking and effective communication through the discussions we have as a team. I greatly appreciate the opportunity to learn directly from Marcus and the commitment that he has dedicated to the team. My internship in SEAbridge was enriching and rewarding. To me, SEAbridge is the place to be.


Kareen Chan

I had a wonderful experience (yes, inclusive of late nights) working in SEAbridge. The open culture of SEABridge has accelerated my learning. Despite my inexperience, my opinions were always valued. I would like to thank Marcus for being a generous and constructive mentor. He would find every opportunity to share his knowledge and ensure I was getting the most out of my internship. Even at my current workplace, I am constantly applying the soft skills and work habits I was taught during my internship.

Lund University

Chadwick Dorai

My stint in SEAbridge has provided me the opportunity to acquire in-depth technical and soft skillsets required in an M&A and capital raising transaction. Marcus is committed to sharing knowledge and experience with junior members of the team, offering interns an exponential learning curve in investment banking. I appreciate the valuable life-long learning opportunities SEAbridge has provided me with.


Tan Chee How

The most fulfilling aspect of working at SEAbridge was to be able to work alongside seasoned professionals like Marcus himself. It was always insightful to listen to him sharing his past experiences as an investment banker/ entrepreneur and his perspective on the recent happenings in the VC industry. I appreciate the valuable opportunities to be involved in many interesting deals and gain a deeper understanding of the industry.

Kun Yi
Singapore Management University

Lim Kun Yi

SEAbridge internship experience has been an exciting and memorable one for me. It has been a pleasure working with Marcus and team, with numerous hands-on learning opportunities that provide extensive exposure to the technology scene. As a junior, you are able to gain access to experienced tech entrepreneurs which provides valuable insight to the industry. The team is focused on providing juniors with the right skillsets to succeed in the business. I have been very fortunate to be part of this growing enterprise.

King's College London

Bill Roosman

I was fortunate to work with Marcus for about 3 months before commencing my final year of Bachelor’s in the UK. He has proven to be a wise, demanding and constructive mentor. Under his supervision, I have developed my investment banking knowledge, improved time efficiency and expanded my professional circle. Marcus taught me the smallest details of complex fund raising and M&A deals, and always made sure I had full insights into the projects we are working on.