Effective Altruism

We come across many founders and investors who, like us, are strong believers in Effective Altruism.

They want to support charities, but they want to do so in an effective way with maximum impact.

We are proud to be associated with Founders Pledge – a global NPO – that enables Founders to give to charities effectively.

Founders Pledge

Through Founders Pledge, Founders are invited to pledge a portion of their exit proceeds to a charity of their choice. The pledge is legally binding. A typical pledge would be between 2 and 5%. If there is no exit, then there is no donation involved. 100% of the exit proceeds go to the charity.


The benefits to Founders are numerous. Founders Pledge make it easy to do donate to the charity of their choice. Founders Pledge can advise them on choosing charities with maximum impact. Founders can join a global active community of over 800+ like minded Founders who are driven to have deep social impact.


If you are interested to find out more, please contact Marcus Yeung at myeung@seabridge.asia and we would be delighted to introduce you. Or you can reach out to Founders Pledge directly.