What We Do

We aim to be a trusted partner for the best tech companies in Asia, assisting in developing strategy, exits, and fund raising.

M&A Advisory

Sale of significant equity stakes in technology companies to strategic and financial investors.

As entrepreneurs ourselves, we’ve sold several of the technology companies that we built in Asia. We have a deep understanding of the complexities of selling companies and work with the seller and buyer to facilitate the opportunity and create a win-win solution for all parties. As your financial adviser, we will guide you through the M&A process and give you access to our global network of strategic investors. Our presence as financial advisor gives additional comfort to potential investors.

Fund Raising

Capital raisings for late stage tech companies.

Fund raising is vital but it is also a time-consuming challenge and distraction. We know. As entrepreneurs, we’ve raised millions of dollars for companies that we founded and built in the past. We help the best Asian technology companies to fund raise, allowing them to find the right investors on the right terms at the right time. We want to guide you from Series A to Exit, making sure you have the right financial backing from our extensive network of financial and strategic investors.


SPAC sponsor and adviser (US and SGX).

SPACs can be an efficient way of bringing tech companies to the public markets and providing a long term platform for growth capital as well as an exit route for shareholders. However, if the SPAC is not structured correctly, it could result in a weak share price and low turnover.

SEAbridge is actively involved in the SPAC market as both a sponsor as well as an adviser.
As a sponsor of a SGX SPAC, our aim is to create a win-win situation for investors and the target company resulting in long term stable share price appreciation. As an adviser for US and SGX SPACs, we guide the target company through the SPAC process and protect their value and interests.

Strategic Advisory

Strategic advice on fund raising and M&A.

We provide highly relevant and impartial strategic advice to technology companies based on our own deep experience as entrepreneurs, investors and managers. We work with founders, shareholders and Boards of Directors to provide guidance on expansion strategy, fund raising, strategic partnerships, M&A and exit strategy.


Investment in selected technology opportunities.

In certain situations, we take an equity position in technology companies, acting as promoter, proactively developing and leading investment opportunities.